List of server commands 

Send the following messages into global chat to run the commands.

  • /cut (This command will remove all obstacles, such as trees or rocks).
  • /easy (This will create a base for you)
  • /god (It’s unlisted, but all it does is shows a message that says “You are NOT my master!”)
  • /help (Lists the commands, which you are reading here)/id (It tells you what your ID is, though I’m not sure what it exactly is for)
  • /refill (Restores all of your resources (this includes gold, elixir, dark elixir, and even gems)).
  • /suicidal (After sending this, you will be put into an attack against your own base, just as if “Find a match” targeted yourself)
  • /tsarbomba (Resets your base to the way you start the game. However, you will still have access to any troops and/or heroes you already have.)
  • /upgrade (Upgrades everything in your base to the max level. This can be used to bypass the limit of walls that can be upgraded to level 12. Also, oddly, if you use this enough times, your level will go up).


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